Sky Camera WorkShop 2014


The spatial and temporal variability of atmospheric parameters like clouds and aerosols is a challenging issue on solar radiation measuring and forecasting. In recent years, algorithms based on sky images can provide sufficient information about the cloud coverage, velocity, type and optical depth, the aerosol optical properties, the reconstruction the three-dimensional nature of clouds, the real-time resource and short- time (0-30 min) forecast of solar radiation.

The COST Action ES1002 WIRE “Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energy” ( has decided to organize a Workshop dedicated to “Processing techniques for the detection of atmospheric constituents and the estimation and forecasting of solar irradiance from all-sky images” in collaboration with the new FP7 DNICast project ( and the IEA Task 46 SHC program ( This event will take place June 24th-25th 2014 at the University of Patras, Patras, Greece. The workshop aims to provide a broad overview of the current (but rapidly evolving) state of the art in all-sky cameras applications in meteorology and solar energy forecasting and reinforce the collaboration between different groups from the meteorological, atmospheric physics and renewable energy communities.